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Farmers Market Bars: Live Music in Los Angeles Fairfax District
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Disco Nights

Beer Fest 2009

Sampling Blue Moon Beer

Tasting Grolsch Beer

Enjoying the Beer Fest

What is a Beer Fest without Barmaids?

Soaking up the Market Atmosphere

Luau 2009

Early 2008

Tasty British Beer On Tap

Welcome to EB's

Enjoying a beer at EB's

EB's Bar Action

EB's Wine and Beer Bar

326 Bar at Farmer's Market

Kristen at EB's

Luau Mike and Family

Luau Sara

EB's Rocks with 50 Cent Haircut

EB's Rocks Saucy Monky

EB's West Patio Rockabilly

New Year's at EB's

Oktoberfest Antje

Oktoberfest Daen

Oktoberfest Jaqui

The Twinns

Halloween 2008

Halloween 2007

Halloween Party!


Retro Do

I Scream DJs

Halloween Prize Winners

Ninefinger & 1st Prize Bike